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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Third Graders

Today I started helping out with the third graders @ Avocado Elemtary school. I was in Mrs. Leibernicht's class and it was great!

What was I doing in there you ask? Haha, glad you asked (Okay, so I was going to share with you anyway).

My favorite thing.....reading!

Children had storeis they had read and were to anser questions they were to answer aabout what they had read (reading comprehension, ugh!!!)Did a lot of helping students pro

helping students with language
(some ESL students too :)
correcting papers

ran into a teacher whom I went to church with @ CABC

Alehe was a big hit after school while waiting for my dad to pick me up.

So starting Friday I will be working with two classrooms. The second one being a special education kindergarten class! YaY! I can't wait to go back!!!!

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