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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Spirit West Coast Del Mar 2010

It all started with meeting Richard Andrew in Montana. I was invited to be one of his guests at his concert in Del Mar when I told him about my move back to So.Cal. Sadly, just before that I had fallen and broken a leg so I was still recuperating. I couldn't go. Nor could I find the finances in time to pull it off, and so I started saving for the following year with the hope that again Richard would be playing. I became a FaceBook fan of Spirit West Coast and wrote on their wall almost monthly begging for him to be there! I even wrote an e-mail to the main office (I assumed) and received a what I thought a promising reply. I prayed......and prayed....and begged and prayed.....alas it was not to be. :'( *Sniff* So instead, I went an bragged about he and his music to anyone and everyone I could; a t-shirt vendor, KSGN peeps, SWC volunteers. I think I actually got a volunteer interested in checking him out! :D our very last day (sad, didn't want it to end) as we were headed home, a young girl walkeed by my mother and high-fived her. For what reason we were a little unsure. But then again, maybe it was the 'ra' shirt mom wore. (I am getting one soon I hope)

We had our tickets months in advance, and I was busily counting down the days. I would check the SWC site at least once a month or more to check for the 2010 site. When it was finally up I read through the entire site. Tickets, artists, what to bring, activities, you name it. I continuously checked the site for updated information.

Here was our chosen concert line-up for the weeken. So amazing we got to see everyone we wanted. Parking was never an issue for me as there were plenty of spaces to accomodate my van and wheelchair lift.


Jonny Diaz -
Air1 radio Main Stage
Opening for 'The Afters'.
Now, I did not stay for 'The Afters' as it was not a band I particularly cared for even though I did know the first song. Mom and I both thought Jonny Diaz was the best one of the opening night. His opening song, appropriately titled 'The Opening' was hilarious. Sadly, he only sang for at least half an hour. What a great guy, and funny! Saved his best song "Beautiful You" for last. His second best song that night I happened to like was a song titled "Sarah Jo", about being "God's little girl". I could kinda put myself into that song. After hearing his other music for the first time, we are definately die-hard Jonny Diaz fans now. All of his songs really spoke to me in some way. Later that day we just happened to be walking by the K-LOVE radio station booth and I noticed a crowd gathered. I moved my powerchair in a way to get a closer look. GASP! Jonny was there! Sadly I didnt have anything for him to sign but when I saw somone getting a picture with him I quickly jumped in line! Better than an autograph any day!!! I still can't get over getting my pic with him, and it was the only one that really turned out, Ha. When I arrived home that night I immediately found his fan page on FB and added him. I bought his CD.

Tenth Avenue North -
Air1 Main stage
6pm - 7pm
Brian Weaver opened for TAN and sadly he started before we got there (the program said a different time), only got to hear one song. Fave songs of TAN; Love Is Here, *By Your Side, The Truth is Who You Are, Times, You Are More, *This is Where Healing Begins, I'll Be By Your Side. Okay, so I had a hard time deciding which one I liked best,lol! I love watching bands have a lot of fun on stage, and they really looked as though they did enjoy what they do. It really makes the experience that much better.
One of the bandmembers shared a bit from his heart. The best quote ~ "The Christian life: not about competition, but celebration. Not about action, but reaction."
I bought their CD


By this time I could pretty much find my way around the SWC site fairly well. Most of the concerts we wanted to see were between twor three stages. I didn't have to do too much asking for directions. Maps don't help me much, lol!

Philip Bardowell-
JC Muzk stage
Saturday afternoon 2:30pm
The JCMuzk stage was great. It was a stage mom liked the music best, and she really liked Philip. She was also able to lie on the grass in the sun and rest her back. Me I kicked back in the powerchair and soaked in the sun and the Son, listening. One afternoon while reclined in the powerchair a woman walks by and says to me, "Hey, cool chair!".

Sunday morning worship 10:30am.
Wow! Can that man worship!!! . Sunday mornign worship "Lord I'm Amazed By You" and "Let Me Be Your Servant Today" were great songs he sung.
Sunday Message- Reg Cox
It was good, really good. Dang I knew I should have taken notes! My mother did.

Mathew West -
Air1 radio Main Stage
4:45 - 5:35
So good! Definately one I loved every song he sung, too hard to pick a favorite! Another singer whose energy on stage and connection with teh crowd made iot an enjoyable experience. Bought all three of his CD's, I forgot how much I like his music. Tried to get his autograph/picture but line was too long by the time I got there :(
"All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His good purpose." ~ word shared by Matthew West

Jars of Clay
Air1 radio Main stage
6:30 - 7:20
Some bands really need to learn to turn down the music and turn UP their mics! But I still enjoyed them to a point. Most of the bands in cluding this one really had such energy on stage making for an awesome concert. Fave song of the night - "Two Hands"

comedy concert with Thor Ramsey and Daren Streblow - I like Daren Streblow more. More original stuff where as Thor Ramsey just asked what everyones worst Christmas gift was and made jokes off of that. Oh yeah, Daren made a comment about not watching a lot of TV, and heard me cheer. I forget his comment now (drats) but I laughed.

Steven Curtis Chapman
Air1 Main stage
8pm - 10pm.
(YAY! Loved him since I was a kid!!!!!) Of all teh Christian artists I was most excioted to see SCC. Sadly, for some reason the show got started late and the speaker went first (not the way the schedule read). Mom was too tired by this point, I guess I was too. The whole reason for the ticket upgrade was to see Steven Curtis Chapman up close and we didnt even get to use it for its intended purpose. :'( So disappointed, but not holding it aganst mom. She was a trooper through the entire weekend.
I bought two of his CD's.

Somewhere between Saturday and Sunday and watching how much fun the artists seemed to have, a thought came to haunt me once again. Some time before starting college I had a desire to pursue music ministry. When Azusa Pacific University came to our church when I was in Jr. High, I guess thats when the thought entered my mind. At the time a family friend was traveling and singing in nursing homes, on cruise ships, and other places. But then I moved to Montana and everything changed. One of these days I'll get to singing in church again. I kinda miss it. Especially after this weekend.


Shaun Groves- Shaun Groves opened up for Fransesca Batistelli. I really wished he would have been one of the main singers after hearing him. I was not ready for him to be done. "Welcome Home" is a great song!
Gets mixed up with ....oh shoot, I cannot remeber now. Buut I do remeber my first thought was "Great! I am not the only one!!!". I enjoyed him more than I thought I would. I knew more of his music than thought too. His seminar on the beauty of simplicity was interesting, and I was touched by the fact that he invited people to e-mail him about questions regarding the topic. I did not get a CD of his music, and now I am really REALLY bummed) He opened for Fransesca Batistelli.

Francesca Batistelli -
Air1 Main stage
2:00 - 3:15pm
I may have heard a song or two of hers before and didnt put the two together. One afternoon while looking at the SWC site for last year, I came across Fransesca on the artist line-up page and clicked on her name to hear a sample of her music. Fell instantly in love! Its hard to chose a favorite song of hers, they are all so awesome! She did sing two brand new songs however, and I loved them, "Don't Miss It" and my favorite of the two, " Angels By Your Side". This one made me cry. I bought her "Paper Heart' CD and I intend on getting her new song 'Angels By Your Side'.

Angel Smythe-
JC Muzk stage
5:30 - 6:30pm
Sunday afternoon concert on the grass. Sadly mom and i couldn't stay through the whole thing. Mom and I were pretty wiped out at this point and couldn't wsait to fall into bed, but we both thought she was great! her beautiful voice adn her energy opn stage and the way she drew the crowd in were what sold us to her music. I am keeping tabs on her from now on!

Of course all of the concerts were too short! Just when you really get into it and its the last song! Argh. No worries, I came home with a pile of CD's to listen to. I came home with something else too, a slight cough and sore throat. Guess I had too much "Woooo!" -ing going on. :)
Mom and I had 'Full Event' wristbands, of which I wore for days afterward! I did not want the weekend to end, and so I knew it was officially over if I cut it off!

Can't wait to do it all again!

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