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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Oh Deer! What Hungry Critters

Someday I will get better about posting pictures, I didnt think of it in time for this post. Lately, the pumpkins that wer in our yard have been slowly disappearing...chunk by chunk. Something has been coming into our yeard at night and making a tasty treat of our carved (and uncarved) gigantic gourds.

The past few days I have gone to class I have noticed our pumpkins strewn about the front lawn. out of curiosity, I scanned the www for clues as to if it was harmful for deer, and came across this hillariously funny article and photo. There were othes like it, with the same story.

This afternoon, J9 told me of when she came home last night and saw deer in our yard. One was happily (I'm sure) munching on a pumpkin while another was on two legs reaching for the berries on our tree in the front yard.

The little buggers.


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