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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

1st Day of Preschool

5 PM last night and I was ready for bed. I am wiped still, and we only had six children! I am used to twice that many. I arrived a few minutes early as to get a breifing on what as going to happen that day. I was familiar with a lot of things already as I was an intern at the LAB preschool once before.
12:45 and the children started to arrive.
The children took to seeing Alehe and I very well. We were both a hit. One little boy talked my ear off the moment he arrived. Every time I turned around, Ally was being petted by the same girl. She had some disability that I know I have seen before in another preschooler from a few years ago, so she didn't quite understand when you told her what to do, you had to guide her to each activity or guide her away from something she wanted to do but it wasn't time for. She did not speak at all, but squealed at the top of her lungs to show different emotions. How much she understood of what you said to her I do not know, but what a cutie! I can't wait to start working with more children who have disabilities.
I showed up at the preschool at 12:30pm, stoked at the idea that I was going to "play" with preschoolers. I don't consider it work really, I am having way too much fun for it to be work. I was all over the room, trying to keep my eye on children, trying to interact with them as much as possible; constantly trying to think of questions to ask them about what they are doing, what they like ot do, what they like to do at home, what their favorites were...so on and so forth.
One child begged me to push him on the swings and continued to do so two or three times. I kept having to refuse as I told him that my chair would not roll very well on the bark. I had to stay on the cement or the pavement. Oh how it disappointed me. I played catch with yet another boy. He had one of those paddles that had velcro, so the ball would stick. (Oh how pleases and thankyou's just melt your heart coming from a three-year-old!)
At the beginning of our circle-time I introduced Alehe and I and told the children when the proper time was to pet her. Of course I had children petting her all day long (even the teacher couldnt resist!)
The little squealer was fascinated by my wheelchair. She pushed my chair around the classroom a bit. I had to control how fast she pushed me 'cause I'm sure she would have gone ninety miles an hour or rammed me into tables and such.
I return yet again tomorrow, but I will be in the morning class for a few weeks, just until the children settle down a bit. My supervisor thought it was best that way. Why only a few weeks is because they really need the help in the afternoon. I was the only student teacher in the afternoon class. All other students didnt want afternoons.
Alehe did a great job at the preschool. She didn't seem annoyed at all that children were constantly in her face wanting to give her atttention. At one point she rolled onto her back for the infamous bellyrub.



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