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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Why can't they live as long as we do? I was thinking about it a few days ago"let's see, I am on servicedog number three. I wonder how many that will be by the time I get to Heaven." At least ten give or take a few.
Everyone seems to have different opinions about whether or not pets go to heaven too. I used to say "If they're not there, I ain't goin'!" With how many animals some people own in a lifetime, If they did...would there be any room left for us?
I am really attached to Ally, and hate to think of her nearing the age of retirement. In fact, when I boarded the plane with her for the trip back to Montana after training, I had a long talk with her"now Ally, listen up, you better last me a lot longer than eight years (how long I had Glenda) 'cause like they say"Time flies when youre having fun". And time with Glenda went by just too dang fast!
(That picture, Ally... with her favorite toy!)

Check out a previous post "Beavertail Hill State Park" as I have posted the best of the pictures I took of the trip.



  • At 7:30 AM, Blogger Sharla said…

    Ally is so cute. Check out that BIG NOSE!!


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