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Monday, August 15, 2005

Western Montana Fair

So I haven't put up a post in a week as I have been busy. The Western Montana Fair was this week and I volunteered to help with our church's Chicken Pita booth to help raise money for different programs in our church. I did have time to take in two nights of the rodeo. Awesome.
(not that I had any doubts it wouldn't be)
While watching the rodeo, I wondered about the cattle used in the roping: are these the same cows used year after year? I am sure they do for the bulls and horses that the cowboys ride because of the records you hear of the bull or horses making (such as a rider not been able to stay on him for 8 seconds).
There were a few funny moments while watching the rodeo. On two seperate occasions, either a bull or a horse did not come charging out of the chute when the gate was opened. Durign teh steerwrestler portion of the rodeo, I had to laught when a cowboy's horse was goign too fast for him to get off. The bummer part was that he received a 'no time'. But He did get a chance for a redo. At least, I think it was him. A young boy walked by the rodeo arena and asked the rodeoclown if he got paid. I can't remember what his answer was.
No major injuries this year. One cowboy was run over by his horse when he jum[ped off in an event. He was fine.
The horses were beautiful. I drooled over quite a few- mostly the paints, but a few palomino's too. The Bitterrot Mountettes had their horses feet decorated in red ad bklue sequins around their ankles. Two horses really caught my eye with their markings. one paint had what looked like an upside-down heart on his rear. One half on one side of his rump, the other half on the other side. On the side of yet another paint, it looked as though someone had painted a capital H. I really started missing my quarterhorse I had a few years back, but gave up when I returned to college after having to pull out for a while.
Vince Bruce, a trick roper from the "Wild West of London" was the entertainment during a short break. He was amazing (and funny) with routines he had developed over his thirty-year career. His grand entrance was standing atop two paint horses, one foot on each horse's back and holding the reins of each horse in his hands. One of his tricks was to snap a playing card out of the air with his bullwhip. The best part was his horse Silver- a silver unicycle with a mane and tail.
Because I was a worker at Christian Life Center's chicken pita booth, I was able to get in the gate with a free admission, I had to pay for the rodeo though. No worries. After being lifted up one step into the booth, I was able to take peoples orders, get peopple's pop, or on the second day, make icecream cones. pop and icecream were dirty jobs, at least for me. In two days, I counted eleven times I gave my hands a bath with the filling of the paper cups with soda. I had forgotten that we had rootbeer adn Dr. Pepper. At one time I gave a young woman a Dr. Pepper instead of a Rootbeer like she ordered. Oops. oh well, you can hardly taste the difference.
Filling the ice cream cones was no easy feat either. I can't seem to make a straight one to save my life! It was more like the Leaning Tower of Ice Cream. After the third try I think I finally gave up. Everyone else can do it, why can't I !?
I checked out a chiropractors exhibit at the fair. They had this amazing recliner. It massages your back, neck, calves and feet. One of my roomates and I fell in love with it, immediately. We were both in it for 15 minutes at least. I was a noodle the rest of the day. Mom and dad would get it for me and write it off as a medical expense if they had the money. (Uh, Lord...?)

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  • At 7:04 PM, Blogger Sharla said…

    Ew! I love Rootbeer and hate it when someone gives me Dr. Pepper instead. Blech.

    I've never seen a real rodeo. And I don't really like horses up close any more even though everyone tries to shove me on one. They make me nervous. And they know I'm nervous and therefore act like turds. :)


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