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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Girl Bonding

Ohiodawa and I had a random hang-out session last night. She was agoign to makes something for dinner for the both of us, but I beat her to my part becaus I was hungry early, and when my stomach is hungry, it's rarely patient. Good ol' microwave.

I saw something sitting on the table and was curious as to what it was. Upside-down it looked like an old fashioned cellphone- big and klunky. I turned it over and read on the front "Pass the Pigs". Ohiodawa proceeded to explain the game to me and then got me into playing a few rounds with her. The rules were insane, or should I say the person who made them up is insane. Something about 'Pig-outs (no score), snouter, piggy-backs, and who knows what else. It turned out to be fun, as it reminded me a lot of how my dads side of hte family plays a dice game called "Chicken". With PP though, the dice are tiny, and shaped like pigs. I think I managed to win a round or two. I kept telling myself "Okay, one more roll than I am sticking with what I got". Ha, yeah right!" I just love to push my luck I guess. To see how the game works, go here

After a rousing game of Pass the pigs, we sat down to watch a t.v. show called Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I found a great way for me to somewhat satisfy my kid fix. This show chronicles the adventures of a family of multiples. In this case, this family has a set of twins plus sextuplets. The show basically chronicles their adventures as a family.

There are so many t.v. shows I never watched until moving into this house! - American Idol, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, So You Think You can Dance, America's Next Top Model, Law and Order, CSI, Top Chef, Hells Kitchen, and another fashion/design show I can't think of the name. There are a slew of other shows I am sure.

During the JKPE marathon, someone decides to break out the Fuzzy Navels she has in her section of the fridge. She offered to share one and I oblidged. We were the only ones home, and would be for a while yet, otherwise it wouldnt have happened. I thought the only alcoholic beverage I like is red wine. But oh wait, now that I think about it there was a wine cooler (just okay, not great) a few months ago. Wine, I sleep just fine (that's the reason I like it)however after the FN, I had a night of numerous strange dreams. I can't even rememer them now. Guess I won't be doing those again anytime soon.

Ahh, the memories.



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