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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Last year a friend of mine from Chi Alpha told me about a short term missions opportunity that she was going to do. She then tried to persuade me to do it myself. However, at the time, I didn't think there was a way for me to do it. Finances, things going on with my disability. I really didnt give it much thought. And so we just said...maybe next year.
Well, next year came around and more of the same. My mother and I were even thinking about checking out a spina bifida conference in Arizona. But then Chi Alpha came a few days later, low and behold our Missions Minute just happened to highlight Joni Earikson-Tada's Family Camp. When a video was shown about it, I wept through the entire thing. I think God was trying to tell me something. So at the break in Chi Alpha, I had to get more info. I really felt like this was something I was supposed to do.
I decided I would pray about it for a couple of days before mentioning it. My friend and her mom are going, so we thought it would be cool if we went mother/daugher style. My dad might be talked into going too. But speaking of praying about it beforehand, I think it was only three days before I brought it up that mom and I should do this instead. Besides, I found out later it was only an hour from where my parents live. It didn't take any convincing on my part at all. They thought it would be a great vacation as I haven't had one in a while. Only, I have a strange feeling it could turn into so much more.
So much more because of all the short term missions/ spring break XA trips I took while still a student. So much more because finding and keeping a job has been difficult, if not impossible. So much more because the past year or so has been phyically and emotionally trying. So much more because in seven days time I have had as many people tell me in so many words that they felt God is up to something.
In the meantime, since I had made the decision that I wanted to go, I have been praying almost daily for differnt aspects relating to the camp. Specifically for one instance in which we will be placed with a family and get to do all the different activities with for the duration of the five-day camp (us STM's go a day early for training). Just this morning as I was getting dressed God brought to mind a way to interact and connect by asking their sibling what it was like to have a sibling with a disability - since I have a brother who does not.
I will kill myself if I forget to bring a camera. You can bet there will be plenty of bloggiing about the trip afterwards. My friend and I are getting together tomorrow after church to talk about it.

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