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In His Strength

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Sunday, October 07, 2007

At Daughter's Retreat '07, I Got High

On Jesus,Duh!

The third annual Daughter's Retreat was a few weekends ago and to sum it up in three words...God Is Awesome!

Each session (Friday night, Saturday morning and evening) was focused on Aspects of Jesus' life and ministry. Being friend of sinners, intolerant of injustice No Condemnation, and His Sacrifice - Our response.

Friend of Sinners

A woman is most beautiful when she is at rest
I don't take alt of time for rest. When I do try to rest from activity during the day my mind automatically goes into 'what should I be doing now' mode. So rest is not always what occurs.

Do not despise who God created you to be

I often wonder how my life would be different if I were who I am living in another country, and I am thankful for where God has placed me. He's taught me through my disability that if I were any different, my relationship to Him wouod also possibly be different. No. He wouldn't love me any different, but has made me proud of my position in Christ, rather than pride in how I look or act , etc.

Jesus does not condemn

During worship this night, God spoke to me through a slow version of Nothing But the Blood - Place your confidence in God alone, not your dreams, not any other person, but God.
God speaks to me most through worship and nature

Intolerant of Injustice

During worship when we sang -Beautiful one, I cried throughout the song, now I can't even remember why. When in the middle of singing 'How Great is Our God, two things were going through my mind. I looked outside the window in fron of us and marveled at the scenery before us. Living in a beautiful state such as Montana, I sometimes feel spoiled. Looking out at the grandeur in all around me th8si weekend, while;e singing this song I couldn't help but marvel at God for His Creation.
Something else spoke to me while singing this song. Just how big of a God I serve. A God who is so powerful, He could turn my dreams into reality. No matter how far and impossible they might seem to me.

In How Great is Our God again, when we sang the line about time is in His hands God has asked me to hold on and wait for His timing; when things happen in my life, how they happen.
Another point that hit home for me was this one, "Jesus does not see a prostitute.He sees a person with true potential". God's speaking "or diabiltiy, etc. after she said prostitute. God sees totally different than we do. There is so much out there that we can't see, but God has a plan.I do not have to know if and when soenmthign is going ot happen in my lfe. Jesus:"Trust Me".

Jesus was voice driven, meaning He was always led by His father's voice in the act of obedience rather than seeing the need adn being driven to do something about it. If God tdl Jesus to do something, He wa obedient and did what the Father told Him to do. It is to be the same in our own lives. I also learned a few new things about obedience. For one, obedience can mean responding to what God puts on our hearts. Or when he puts something oin our hearts, we rise up to meet Him and respond to whatever we feel He is speakign to us. My prayer this weekend was that He would give me mopre opportunity to respond to His voice. Adn that I would be abl;e to hear Him and know beyond a shadow of a doubt tht it is Him speaking.

Journal time afterward was special. I started by reading last years DR notes and the verses on Confidence and Patience, the ones on Confidence really hitting home.
being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in man.

One of the things God had spoken to me during my quiet time was a phrase I hear often - Let God and Let God. This time, He went a bit further with that staeement, adding a little twist - Let Go and TRUST God. Something I have a hard time doing, and so I chose to be obedient in that. I have had quite a few things happening in the past six months that needed releasing to Him. And so now I wait with anxious anticipation to see what He will do.

Christs Sacrifice, Our Surrender, our response
(leaves...) on staff with us this semester
"Obedience can bring guilt when it should bring love and joy"

And the BIG ONE for me - Dream big for the future

Reminde of the SALT congference with Alecia Chole a few years ago and how she spoke on becoming disollutioned. I gues I had become disillusioned with my dreams for the future, and this weekend was God's way of convincing me He was still in control.

got one of From a Joyful Heart roasting a marshmallow in the fireplace
didn't get a group picture :(, don't know who did

i brought reading material for something to do durign our free time (to read while I get my feet up)-the small book P.S. God Loves You from J and N Engels, campus pastor from previous years. What an encouragement.

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