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Friday, September 28, 2007

Todd Agnew and Rush of Fools --- Better Questions Tour

So I am trying to save money so that I may fly home for Christmas. I am attending a seminar titled 'Workinig Well with a Disability', and since I am in a group that is critiqing the material as it i9s being presented to us, we get paid twenty bucks for it. SWEET!

I decided early on that the money would go toward a plane ticket home. Well, so far, I haven't saved much. I cant remember now what I spent the first twenty on, but the second twenty I just HAD to attend the concert. (just call me a music junkie, LOL!)

Wednesday September 26, 2007. Todd Agnew was in concert at Christian Life Center. Opening for Todd Agnew was 'Rush of Fools', from Birmingham Alabama. RoF has garnered themselves a new fan, ME! While they sang, the words to the songs were up on the overhead. Becaus the music was so loud, it was difficult to understand what they were singing part of the time. Watchign the over head adn reading the words, I wept through most of their performance as the words to their music hit me.

Whenever I hear Todd Agnew on the radio I'd always confuse him with Mark Shultz. Good grief, I can tell you the name of a song and recite lyrics almost word for word, but when it comes to who is singing....not so much.

When Todd first came out on stage, he was messing with the sound equipment and talking to the sound people in back, and so I assunmed it was soemeone from his road crew. Later when he came out on stage singing his first song, I almost burst out laughing. Not only was his singing voice w-a-a-a-y different than his speaking voice, but he looked a lot different than I pictured him.

Todd Agnew did a tribute to the late Rich Mulluins by singing his Hallelujiah song, and the n proc cededed to speak a little about Rich Muillins, how he knwew him and wah a gret artist/singer he was. Two of the songs he sang were fun to listen to as they had a country music feel. One of his bandmates played the fiddle (I think) adn was a blast to watch because he would dance while playing. It looked like he had a lot of fun doing it.

I realize now that music is a BIG way that God captures my heart and makes me love Him. The other one being nature.

I wish I wuold have taken notes on the stuff Todd shared. It was awesome

"Hallelujiah , Glory Be to Our Great God" - and ROF's song "Undo" will be stuck in my head for days!

I will be asking for their music for Birthday and Christmas.



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