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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Adventures in Preschool V: Tag, Tantrums

Gym? Who needs a stinkin' gym when you gots thirty or so preschoolers , your out on the playground, and three of them sucker you into a game of 'Tag'. "Oh my aching back!" Okay, so its more like "Oh, my aching arms!" I wouldnt have traded that moment for anything.

My day started off a bit crummy when a few of the little monsters had difficulty listening to my directions. Then, during center time, one child threw a royal kaniption fit when I asked him to pick up a toy on teh floor and put it away. "But HE had it first!" (pointing to another child playing with him)I knew he did but i saw this other boy wtih it after him. Each time he told me the other boy had it first, he got louder and more frustrated to a point where his face was beet red and the large vein was popping otu of his neck. I got to a point wher the other boy was there still adn I asked him to do it. I was stuck. Thankfully, he put it away without any trouble at all, and so I tried to talk to the other boy to diffuse the situation. Meanwhile he is by the wall under a table sulking.

Outside after lunch and I am by one of our climbers making sure no children plzy in teh puddles of water surrounding it (okay, so it was more like a miniature sized moat than a series of puddles). A few children were aroudn interacting with me, and all of a sudden WHACK! "TAG, YER IT!" Young B comes and thwacks me on the chest. Well, I take off after him, and three other children are soon chasing after me! I would do a good job in keeping away from them (they ARE fast little buggers), but every time I came aroudn a bend in the tryke track I had to slow down a bit to turn my wheelchair. Then I was taggged.

later in the day I received a hug from a child, for what reason I don't know. but that also made my day.



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