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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Adventures in Preschool IV / Other News

Just the other day one of our preschoolers brought her dad with her to class. Her dad had brought a bunch of bugs, alive and dead, for the children to look at and learn about. There were a few bugs that children could touch (like the Rhinoceros Beetle; this thing was u-u-u-gly...and huge!) and dead bugs that were preserved under glass. Some children refused to touch them, while others were downright enthralled.

Uh-oh, I think I started something. so when we are outside on the playground, it is hard for me to find a spot where I am not in the way of children when they are on the 'tricycle track" Children often run into me, by mistake. Or so I thought. I started this game where whomever runs into me with their trike, gets a visit from the 'Tickle Monster'. Now they run into me on purpose!

Lately, I have had trouble with preschoolers (and some first graders) not doing what they were told. Some run away, while others say to me they don't have to. I had a small victory with a preschooler who doesn't do what I asked. I phrased my request a bit differently. If I asked him "K, show me where this goes" then he would respond by putting it in its rightful place. If I told him to do it, I repeatedly got nothing. Now if I could just get the first graders to listen!

This week I was able to learn part of the Montana state song. Our preschoolers are singing a couple songs for a program in a few weeks, and unfortunately;y, the chorus was all the teachers could remember the tune for.

Montana, Montana
Glory of the west
Of all the states from coast to coast
You're easily the best
Montana, Montana
Where skies are always blue
Montana, I love you

The last two lines the children learned sign language to. In looking up the Montana song I found other interesting facts about Montana here

Alehe's trainer was in town this week. It was a very good visit. Alehe was not due for a visit, but she was in town and asked if I wanted her to stop by. What the heck, why not? We talked about the work situation and having to leave Alehe at home. There really is nothing I can do since a co-worker is allergic, though by law I CAN have her with me. I don't want to make things miserable for anyone. After talking with her. I felt better about leaving Alehe, and I really am doing as much as I can to make sure she is not miserable. She seems like she is getting used to the idea. When I get my next dog, (that shouldn't be for another four or five years , her trainer said :D)if things haven't changed then I will crate her for a while when I go to work.

Mom and dad were in town for a few days, dad's work was slow so they decided to get away. Mom shared with me something sad. Brandi, their other toy poodle was killed by a coyote. When Beau was around, they left them two alone. But without Beau "the dog who thinks he's a rottweiler" Garcon, she was easy prey. :(
Another reason for their being in town was to deliver me my bed from home. I have an electric bed (meaning I can raise the head and feet) that is good for two reasons; one, I can relieve the swelling from my feet after a long day, and two; it's is actually better for the shunt in my head if I am sleeping a bit elevated. I was bummed that my pillow top mattress cover wasn't going to fit, but with this bed, I don't need it.



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