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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fort Courage Childcare - The Begginning

Tuesday the sixth of March, I signed all the paperwork to officially become a Fort Courage employee. My first day on the job - exactly one week later. I thought the week would never come to an end!

The day was rather interesting. I felt a majority of the four hours I worked was spent outside. When I arrived, children were in free play. I made sure the children weren't rough-housing with the play equipment as to hurt themselves or destroy the toys. I then watched as they did learning centers (they had a different name for it, but I can't remember). At the table I sat near, the children had the letter y cut out of construction paper and glued different colors of yarn. Wow children use a lot of glue!

Then it was outside time for an hour at least. One child, TJ, was hanging with me the entire four hours I was there. He kept trying to tickle me. Cute, but annoying after a while. But he was great. Every time I turned around...there was TJ.

I wheeled around the perimeter of the playground (kept having to dodge children and their trikes). And then sometimes gave up and wheeled on the grass. Not too hard, until I became stuck at one point trying to get from the grass back to the pavement, and had to be rescued by my boss...how embarrassing.

When we came back inside, children had lunch. then it was back outside for another hour! Good grief I need a nap! Children had fun when co-workers blew bubbles, and the children all chased after them.

Inside once again, it was time for a story. But first, my boss called me into his office...scary, the whole time I'm thinking, "Oh no, what'd I do!" It was then that he mentioned the co-worker going home because of allergies. Around that same time I was looking for my ride, that never bothered to show. I think I might have had some confusion with that. I don't know. So I called for backup, who wasn't very happy but did it anyway. Then I received a call, my voice lesson was cancelled.

My day didn't end very well.

So the majority of this afternoon and evening I have been a bit emotional. I just got a job I really enjoyed, fell in liove with teh HUGE faciltiy...adn now I dont know what to do. Mass confusion whether to leave Alehe at home or what. I called her trainer and have yet to hear back.

Dear Lord, Help Me NOW!

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