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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Excuses Excuses!

I think I figured out one of the reasons I am gaining weight. I eat when I am stressed, frustrated, or just plain flat out bored. This post has to do with stress/frustration.

So a few days ago I talked with one of the workers at the YMCA where I go to swim. I had filled out a volunteer application for the daycare and hadn't heard back from them. Their excuse was that some of the children had allergies to dogs. or fears. I was just like okay, whatever. But then I received a call this morning that just jerked my chain.

My J.O.B.S person called me this afternoon and talked with me about Fort Courage. I thoght I was to work for them over thanksgiving and never heard anything. Before I knew it, Thansgiving had passed before I realized no call. Anyway, they called to see if I would work for them, but I would have to either leave Alehe at home or put her in another room. (pretty much the same lame excuse as the Y

Hearing this, I started to think about my day without her. I could leave her at home, she really doesnt do much when she was even in the interships; I just had her lay down under a table somewhere. But having her by my side for as long as I have, it would get to the both of us. She does not do well if she cannot see me (I can't even go to the bathroom without her whining at the door!). See previous post 'Alehe's in Trouble'.

After the second excuse, somethign dawned on me. Of all my years working with children, I have NEVER encountered something like that. No one has complained "Oh I have allergies, can you put her somewhere" or " I am afraid of dogs, please leave her at home". Not even with a child!!!

I called CCI a short time later and explained the situation. Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilties Act) a place of employment needs to make 'reasonable accomodations". Now I am nto exactly sure what that means, but I do know that leaving her in another room or at home is not considered reasonable.

People love her for crying out loud!



  • At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Sharla said…

    That is definitely a LAME excuse. I see service dogs all the time. She's a SERVICE DOG, not a pet. They can't ask you to leave her at home, no way!


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