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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fort Courage Update II

I called Fort Courage yet again on Monday Afternoon. After the initial interview, I as told he would call by Friday. Well, Friday came adn went, and Saturday and Sunday...I finally decided to call again Monday. He told me he'd call Tuesday as he was waiting on a few more interview. Somethign happened with the two he was supose to have and had to reschedule.Tuesday came and went and I didnt realize I had no phonecall until 9pm Tuesday night. So I called Wednesday. He really liked the fact that I interned with CoTeah preschool on the University campus. We worked it out that he would call me as a substitute teachers aide and fill in when other aides go on vacation or what not. Hey, it's a start.
Well, today I received a call from my J.O.B.S person and she said the main decision was due to the fact that my cellphone rang during the interview. CRAP! I could have SWORN I turned it off! Ah well, I have a few more places to call about sub positions. One of them is in Head Start yet again. This time it's a different contact person from the last interview I had with them. Different building too. I will finish up my Missoula County Public School application for yet another aide position with them.

In the meantime I'm still praying and hoping



  • At 9:29 AM, Blogger lance said…

    In my opinion, people are too hard on cell phones. Sure, it's rude if it goes off in class, or you ignore the people you're with to chat on the phone, but come on, not hiring you just because it went off in the interview - that is lame.

    It is great though about the aide position, and it is a great starting point! Once they see how well you work out there, I'm sure it's likely that they'll want to hire you on full time when there becomes a new opening.

    Good luck, and God bless.

  • At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Sharla said…

    It IS a good starting point- but that excuse is one of the lamest I've ever heard.


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