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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm In the Choir!

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of one day singing in the choir at church. I still remember sitting in the pew looking at the choir and saying to myself "one day I will be up there". Then we moved to Montana. Shortly after joining Hamilton Assembly of God in Hamilton, Montana, I jumped on the singing bandwagon and did special music once a month. Then it was the signlanguage choir. After a year, I started classes at the UofM. Had we not moved to Montana, I was going to attend Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, California and major in Music Ministry. I wanted to travel the states just like my adopted aunt. Somehow I followed mom and dad to Montana and majored in Business management. I hated it three weeks later, but wouldn't leave Montana for anything.
Tonight I was able to fulfill that dream of singing in the church choir. My first Sunday will be on the eighth of October. We practiced two songs we were to sing for Sunday, and then for those who were going to sing in the christmas choir (why shoot, I might as well!) we practiced three or four songs the second hour. I had a blast. Next time, I will remember to bring water.



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