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Friday, September 08, 2006

Job Search - Rantings

And I thought CALIFORNIA was a little sloppy on wheelchair access! What was I thinking?!?!?

I have contacted at least four or five daycares here in Missoula, Montana and so far ONE was acessible to a wheelchair (she was even hesitant in her answer, so that worries me a little as to what her definition of wheelchair acess is).

The young woman at J.O.B.S who is helping me with the job search and such had suggested contacting even daycares. At least it would give me experience working with children and get my foot in the door for working at other places if I so choose, since Head Start said one of the reasons they didn't hire me was lack of experience. (what ever!)

It doesn't bum me out too bad because I have said since the very begginning that I had no interest in daycare, my former intern supervisor said there wasnt good money in daycare anyway and I really wanted something with a little more structure (for my own sanity).

Not that I am looking to make buku bucks or anything, I would rather have fun at what I am doing than make a lot of money, but...a little padding would be nice.

My job person did contact Fort Courage Child Care for follow-up purposes and they told her I would be receiving a call sometime within the next week. They were still pouring thru resume's. I loved it the minute I drove up to the place. When I went inside, I loved it even more. Fully accessible, practically looked brand new. I heard the beautiful sound of children playing in the next room and oh!

Well, I have an interview on Monday with the YMCA. I wouldnt mind having that one either. But the Fort Courage job sounds like more of what I am looking for. I'd be happy with either I think.

God already knows where I'll be. (I just wish He'd tell me, the suspense is torturous!)



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