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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Can We Say "Awkward"?

So last night was my first XA meeting no longer as a student. I didnt expect it would be any different from the Chi Alpha meetings before. Ha, can we say AWKWARD? I dunno why I felt this way. In fact, I tried to rebuke those feelings. Nothing about last night felt awkward until the latter half of the evening.
Scott's message was mostly about idols; indulgence idols and imitative idols. But one question he asked us I sent it up as a silent prayer. "God, what is the journey you desire to take me on this year?" Last year was absolutely fantabulous, what with the Daughters Retreat, Fall retreat, and our Captivating bible study. Could He top that this year?
So I rode home in a campus police car. no, nothing I did, honest. But with my lousy vision at night and wanting to keep myself safe after hearing of wacko's on campus and around the neighborhood the past few years...Anyway, I usually wheel myself home with two (usually a guy and a girl) students working with campus security. Last night a campus police car had pulled up outside our meeting hall and I just sat there assuming he was waiting for someone else. No, he walked over to me, and I must have had a confused look on my face. I forgot to ask whhy they did it this way instead of what I am used to. I also forgot to ask why the back seat was a hard plastic instead of a normal one. Poor Alehe was in back, "slip sliding away" every time we turned. When I got in the car he asked me "so, first time in a cop car?" Thankfully yes.

Talk about an all-out awkward evening.


  • At 6:45 PM, Blogger lance said…

    Hey Tryna, don't feel awkward about not being a student. There are lots of people there who aren't and some (like me) that are old students. Anyway I know saying "don't feel awkward" doesn't necessarily dispell it, but I just want you to know you'll always be gladly welcomed.

    I bet cop cars didn't always have plastic seats in the back, but once enough arrestees destroyed nice seats, they probably came up with a better solution.

    I've been in a cop car a time or two, but never arrested. :)


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