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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Saturday, July 29, 2006

And So We Wait

I turned in an application to Head Start Friday. I arrived at the building and had to go around back to a lift that would get me to the second floor. The door was locked. When picking up the application, there was a woman coming down the stairs who assisted me with the lift. This time, since I took a cab (last minute trip or I would have taken the bus) the driver was kind enough to assist me. I never thought of mailing in my application, but this way I get the experience. I just happened tto look on the application at the phone number and called for assistance. The woman on the line said someone was on their way. A gentleman came around back to unlock the door, just as another man came down the steps to assist me. We didnt need the lift after all as he could take my application right there. Sweet. When he said his name was Scot I was thrilled (yes, only one "t"). It turns out, I sent him an e-mail back in December inquiring about any available teaching positions. At the time, he said there were none, but I could send in my resume and he would take a look at it, keeping it on file when things did come available. I never turned it in as things became suddenly very busy.
But now I have it in and I am anxiously awaiting a phone call for an interview. I asked how soon to expect a phonecall and he said sometime the middle of August as the deadline for apps is not until August second.
So I wait...and wait...and wait...and..

Dear God Help Me Now!

In the meantime, interview practice is on Monday



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