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Monday, July 24, 2006

Could This Be?

I picked up a job application today from none other than Head Start, my ideal job placement ( I was a Head Start-er as a child) Shortly after I started teaching preschool, I got this idea in my head that Working at HS would be cool. Not only would I get the opportunity to work with preschoolers with disabilties, but me being a product of the Head Start program could be great encouragement for families.

I picked up the job application and toured the facility today. They had signs everywhere indicating access for wheelchairs but it took a second or two to find. Once I did, it was locked. Luckily, a woman was coming down the outside stairs from the second story and directed me to where I needed to go. I told her I was here to pick up an application. What was the door to get in was actually a wheelchair lift to get one to the second floor or basement. No big deal as I had operated one of these before when I attended the AG church in Hamilton (granted I got stuck a few times). I even had a tour of the facility. Not much space for wheelchairs, but I have been in tighter places. The part that bummed me out was the playground ground covering. Very little space that I could be involved in their play. I wonder how that will work.

Looking over the two pages that listed the responsibilities and explanation, I became excited. Although there would be some I couldn't do because of my wheelchair, I was familiar with most of the responsibilities as I had done some of the same in internships. I would even be helping develop and imjplement lesson plans. SWEET! There would also be mandatory meetings and conferences I would have to attend.

I have been blessed to know a few ladies at church (although I feel like an idiot for only remembering one name). Each time I come into church they have stopped me to chat and see how things are going (Okay, so it's mostly the dog LOL, but they enjoy me too). One of the ladies has even begun to pray for me regarding work, bless her heart. She asks me every week if I have found anything yet. She even prays specifically for me to find a Head Start position.

Could this be? It seems so early in my search! I'm still praying!



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