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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Saturday, May 06, 2006

May 13, 2006---Graduation Day

...(enter Halleluiah Chorus)
I have been counting down the days for the past three weeks.
A day I thought would never come is now before me in a matter of time. All my credits are in and acounted for, fees have been paid. Nothing can get in the way of May 13, which just so happens to be my mothers birthday.
I cried while preparing graduation announcements to send to friends, family, and family friends, almost sixty of them! One chapter in this book called life coming to a close, another one yet to unfold.
Only God knows what is next for me, and I leave it in His hands. My dream... to work at Head Start as a Preschool teacher and I hold out for that, in the meantime I still look in the paper for anay possible work in the field. So far? Nada :( But I did talk to a gemntleman whom I know works at HS and told him to keep his eyes and ears open for anything. Months ago I did email a man about wanting to work at HS. So far they did not have any openings, but if I send in my resume' he would keep it on file. Now I just have to update my resume and send it in. My supervisor for my internship offered to help me put together a portfolio of lessons I have taught, journals I kept. I thought I would toss in a few pictures I have of me working with the children. Give it a little flair.

"No more pencils, no more books. No more teachers (professors in my case) dirty looks!" A phrase many often hear (though I havent heard it since middleschool) at the end of the schoolyear as one heads into summer. It has been going through my head the past few days.

I almost had a summer position at the preschool where i am an intern. Te last three weeks of June, Learning and Belonging Preschool has a day long summer program for preschoolers. My supervisor let me know about it. I was told to talk with the head of the preschool. Unfortunately, all positions were filled, paid and volunteer. I was told I could show up after the first week to see if there was room for me. (crosssing my fingers)



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    Congratulations!! What exactly is the degree that you get?

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