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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Saturday, May 06, 2006

New Pastor at Christian Life Center

Our church these past couple of months has been in the midst of transition. Back in October I think it was, our then pastor announced he was stepping down and moving on to what he did before pastoring CLC, traveling evangelism. This being the only pastor I have known my time attending CLC, it shook me up a bit. I did my best to be in prayer for the newbie ("Lord, You know best who belongs here").
Our church formed a search committee and began the arduous task of interviewing for a replacement. What seemed like an eternity passed before the board came down to their final pick. As soon as the board had submitted the name, it was up to church members to decide if he was a keeper.
Talk about the Divine Hand of Providence, but it was a unanimous descision all the way around. The search comitee, board and church members all voted for the same person, and he came to CLC to preach his first sermon the last Sunday in April. Wow was it ever good.

Facing an Uncertain Future - Pastor Dave Phillips

Joshua 3:1-5

God often brings us to uncrossable rivers. He wants us to look to Him for direction
4 things to help us keep focus:

1. Recall God's Faithfulness
vs. 1
in the past, present and future
Psalm 106:7,13
vs. 20,21
the best way to prepare for the future, reflect on the past

2. Redirect Your Focus
vs. 2-4
Keep your eyes on Jesus

3. Get ready to See God Move
(on our behalf)
vs. 5
Psalm 66:18
Waiting on God = Waiting for God
Psalm 37:7
Am I waiting on God, or the gift?
Want to know your future? Wait on God

4. Respond to God's Promises
vs. 5
Stand firm
Believe the promises of God
vs. 14,17
Believe God to do as He promised
reflect on God's promises
focus on Jesus
purify your heart

prayer = waiting on God

don't look @ the promises, look @ God

The water didn't part until they got their feet wet

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  • At 1:02 PM, Blogger lance said…

    I'm disappointed that I couldn't come that Sunday, but I'm excited to meet him. He seems really cool, and he can't be all bad if he enjoys riding motorcycles.


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