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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Just Be Glad I Don't Have Pictures

Oh be thankful I'm not posting pictures. I didn't take pictures anyhow. I sorta wished I would have now though.

The entire night was a much needed laugh. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. one of the words used last night best sums it up---"scandalous". From the cake to the gifts. The cake was made by a roomate who had also made one a few weeks prior for a friends bridal shower. I was a bit perturbed the first time I saw the thing on our dining room table. "Dear Lord don't let any man walk into this house right now, puleeeeeeeeze! (Especially Scott!)"

A few items of the lingerie were actually quite cute whilst others were a little...yeah, just that. Little, as in not much to them(My thinking in all of this: Riley is just going to have a cow if he sees her in that!). A few pieces were actually very tasteful and very beautiful. Someone had the bright (sarcasm) idea of hanging them on the curtain rod and getting a group picture. Then someone had an even brighter (sarcasm still) idea of calling the fiancee and having him drive by while they still hung there.

In the midst of conversation ( hilarious I might add, some of which was recorded in the XA girls house journal) we played a few party games. The first one we wrote the letters a - z on the left side of our paper. We then had to come up with as many terms as we could, 1 item for each letter of the alphabet. I didn't do so hot. Then we had a chance to look at items on a tray and were told to remember them. We were to write down as many as we could remember. However we were told after the tray was gone that we had to write down in detail what the girl was wearing who carried the tray. I bombed. Not even close. I half described what the maid of honor was wearing! Another game we played was having to measure out how much toilet paper we used when in the potty. Then we had to make something out of the t-paper that was wedding related. I did a very simple bouquet. Someone else did a more elaborate one. The winner was one who made a mini wedding wardrobe from hers. There was still yet other games. We had to luist in four minutes one item having to do with a wedding starting with the 26 letters of the alphabet. I didn't do bad, but not that good either. the game I actually won was challenging. We were given a description of a cake an we had to write down what we thought it was. Out of fourteen I guessed twelve correctly. There were prizes for those who won games. My prize was a journal decorated by J9.


  • At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Sharla said…

    I have NEVER been to a bridal shower- that I can remember. I think I went to one or two that my MOTHER was going to, but not myself.

    As for those slinky things- I swear. No one would seriously in their right minds ACTUALLY put it on.


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