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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Remember! Use Your Brain!"

This is what I was told by one of my preschoolers today. I cracked up laughing and told him "okay, I will". One of our learning centers today was making dinosaur rubbings. This little boy had made quite a few (they all thought it was great) and he had given one of them to me. I asked if he would put his name on it for me so that I would remember who it was from. He whined a bit and then told me to "Remember! Use your brain!" I had to share the comment with my supervisor and it got a laugh out of her too.

Kids say the darndest things.

On another note I was amazed at the creativity of one child at a learning center I had put together. Mine was a painting center, and children were to put drops of watercolor paint (it would flow the easiest) and then blow on the drops using a straw, watching how the paint would streak across their page in different directions. Every child tried it, and one child really took off with his art idea. He had a green watercolor paint and made trees. Then, with the brown watercolor paint, he made roots at the bottom of his trees.

I was singing worship songs all the way home, I was in such a good mood.



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