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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Monday, March 13, 2006


God has been speaking a lot lately, mostly by the way of circumstances, and of course, too fast for me to write it all down. Oh, where to begin!

Shortly after Winter Advance came Valentines Day. A few of us in the house had exchanged cards and goodies with the others. Once card I received caught my attention. The message on the front was "Let your heart dream." Was God using this card to tell me something, something pertaining to His message to me at Winter Advance? I can only wonder.

Lately this same roomate has been constantly telling me "You're Beautiful". Up until now, I haven't been able to believe that about myself. Maybe what's on the inside, but I sense now that God has been slowly wiping away the residue left by years of negative comments I received growing up, and slowly beginning to make me see the beauty He has placed there. I may not be the most beautiful person in the world and thats okay. But God thinks so. That's all that matters. I am able to look at myself in the mirror with a God's eye view now.

"Sometimes God gives us a dream only to accomplish something greater than that dream." Where I heard this recently I can't seem to recall now, but its a thought that has had me thinking for some time. What could God possibly be doing greater than the dreams He has placed in my heart? Whatever it is, the suspense is killing me! I wish He'd hurry it up already. But somehow I know that there are other things He's trying to accomplish in me that need to come first.

The preschoolers still manage to capture my heart most every day I am in the preschool (which is sadly only one day a week). I almost feel guilty for having so much fun with the little ones. I feel like I'll soon be getting paid to play! Just last week I seemed to have a conversation with God in my head. The Lord seemed to be telling me as I am interacting with the boys and girls that I was "made for this moment".

A feeling of contentment has finally washed over me in the past week or two. There are still things I desire to happen, but with more confidence they will (the gift of faith starting to grow inside me) and therefore the wait is less tormenting.

I must remind myself daily to surrender my dreams to the Master's Plan.

Now if He would do something miraculous to make me pass the writing exam!


  • At 4:55 PM, Blogger sylvia said…

    uggh! the writing exam. my prayers are with you!
    i seem to remember hearing that quote about God and dreams somewhere and it struck a chord in me at the time but since then i had forgotten about it. thanks for bringing it back! and if you find out where it came from let me know. :)


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