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Friday, February 24, 2006

"Oh My Freakin' Goodness!"

I figured this deserved it's own post.


After the service tonight, the worship team was going to play one song to end the meeting. Six or seven songs later and our time wasn't done. We went into a mixed time of worship and prayer. Somehow it went into a time of prophecy. Our speaker (Eric) would prophesy over three or four people by the time the night was through. One of the girls he spoke over was sitting right next to me.

"There is s a young girl dressed in blue"... At this point my adrenaline beegan to pump because I just happened to be wearing a light/dark blue sweatsuit. but the stuff he was saying didn't sound like it pertained to me. When a woman came over to pray with the girl, I realized it was a girl I know from a previous retreat sitting next to me and I placed my hand on her shoulder and silently began to pray for her myself.

I was a bit bummed, but if that's not what God had for me at the time, I was okay with that. Just as I got done with that thought, our speaker began to say "There is another young gal dressed in blue, this time in a wheelchair...". At this point I grabbed the sides of my wheelchair and out of my mouth comes "oh my freakin' goodness!" He proceeded to tell me God has been speaking to me. He mentioned things about dreams, both the ones that I have for the future (of which "He longs to fulfill", and about dreams I have at night. (I havent had a good dream in years.) Something was said about God speaking to me in my dreams. I have been praying that God would give me do this in place of these not so good ones that I haev been experiencing. ("Oh my frekin' goodness!")

By this time I realized that I was shaking, and breathing likef I had just finished working out. I had tears of joy running down my face.

When all was said and done, he asked if a certain woman from across the room would come pray for me. The only thing I remember her praying for me was for the gift of faith. I had prayed that God would at least strengethen my faith in Him ("Oh my freakin goodness!"). I got excited. Something I have wanted for a while. No sooner did she leave then another young woman walked over and said "I feel like I am supposed to pray for you" ("Oh my freakin ' goodness!") and so she did, stopping at first to ask me if the gift of prophecy had been something I wanted (I had prayed to be an encouragement to the girls living in the house and to others whom I come in contact with).

A monment or two passed after she had finished praying for me and went back to her seat. I saw a gentleman walk past me and just as I noticed him, he turns to me and says he felt the spirit impress upon him te same things that Eric said to me. ("Oh my freakin' goodness!"

We had another l-o-n-g night of worship afterwards, of which I was glad. I sat singing the songs, raising my hands, smiling and thanking God for all that He had revealed to me this weekend. He had one more thing to show me. Before this weekend, I was having a rough time spiritually. Reading the Word was good, but my prayer life seemed dry, and I for some strange reason wondered if this all wasnt just a fad, a phase and what if there was nothing to come of life after death? Yet at the same time I was frustrated with myself for even thinking that. God seemed to bring me to a place where he could work in me this weekend.

It was one o'clock in the morning by the time I went back to my room to retire for the night. It was three in the morning by the time I was able to calm down enough to go to sleep. Shoot, I had to be up at seven to be ready in time for us going to breakfast at Denny's before we headed home.



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