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Friday, February 24, 2006

Breakaway ---- The Christian Thing

February 18, 2006
Panel discussion with UM campus pastor Scott Barnett
During the day today, we had a few hours of free time after lunch. Optional seminars were called "Break Away" sessions, and I debated whether I wanted to go. I thought it would be a bumch of stuff I already new about the Christian faith. Scott had led the panel that consisted of other campsu pastors and staff from the different college groups in attendance.
Students had an opportunity to pose questions to Scott who in turn directed them to specific people on the panel. He even threw out a few questions himself. All did an excellent job. Althogh I have been a Christian for many, many years, and in teh last seven have become more serious about my walk with Christ, I still came away refreshed. Most of the information I had heard before in other conferences, but it was great encouragement hearing it again.
For some time now i have wrestled with God's Great Commission in the New Testament book of Matthew. I can be a great encouragement to seasoned believers, but have no idea what to say to those who are not yet believers. A number or things go through my head that leave me too nervous to say anything relating to God. Slowly but surely, that is definately changing. Through listening to the panel discussion, here is what I felt God telling me
through what the speakers were saying
Stop battling with non-christians and just love on
Our part- praying for open doors, God's part-drawing them to
God is in conversation with everyone we pass
Connecting with people begins by asking God what is going on in
their lives



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