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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Forresters Ball 2006

Blast if I did not bring my camera!

Saturday night was the 89th annual Foresters Ball that is put on by the Forestry Department. This is a pretty big event for UM every year. This was my third year in attendance.

My first year at the Foresters Ball was rather interesting. one of the guys in our group (gotta love him) shows up in a ski cap and parachute pants tht you could smuggle four children in. Two on each side. Everyone usually dresses in western or logger attire for this event. Also tht night, one of my female classmates form a communications classes asks me if I wanted to dance adn so we di. My first thought as she is spinning me around ( as I had a feeling she was a bit sloshed) "Good grief! I am sober and I am going to be sick!" But I still had a good time.

My second year(last year) was my favorite. I started off dancing amongst roomates. Next thing I know, a guy whom I have never met comes and asks me to dance. I danced with him for three songs before I had to sit and chill. I felt a little foolish for not having enjoyed my tienm with him all that much. But when you constantly run me into people and yell at the top of your lungs for people to give you some room, byt the third dance it got rather old. So I went and sat wtih a roomate at a table. I thanked him for a good time anyway and turned my attention elsewhere, and proceeded to catch my breath. I forgot how much energy that takes out of you!
Well no sooner than I sit down and try to catch my breath, another gentleman comes up and asks meif I would like to dance. Good grief did he look hot in a cowboy hat! And he ws so sweet. I said sure, and he puts his hat on my head, gently takes my hands adn leads me to the dancefloor. I wondered if he had ever danced with someone in a wheelchair before because he was smokin'! I had an absolute blast! I had to sit ouot a song or two after we danced two, so we sat and talked a few minutes. He's a junior in business management from Los Angeles and loves it here. Anyway, he asked if I was up for one more and I just had to. Again, his hat went on my head, he genmtly took both my hands and led me to the dancefloor ( and did not run me into anyone). What's strange (and sad) is I have not seen either gentleman since.

I looked all over for "Colt" this past Saturday and did not see him :'(

I still had fun though, dancing with the group that I came with. J9 and I cutting a rug, Court, and Rael from the house. I danced with Zach from the guys house and then Clay who attends Chi Alpha on Mondays.

See, I used to do this during my highschool days. I would have a lesson with two or three other couples one day a week. We eventually did wheelchair dance exhibitions in nursing homes, and once in front of customers at a local bar ( I usually danced with the instructor and boy iod he make me look good!). The biggest thrill was our annual Del Mar Fair exhibition.

If God ever grants me a husband, he better know how to dance, and love it.
I miss doing it so much.

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  • At 2:12 PM, Blogger Sharla said…

    LOL, I'm the opposite. I hate to dance!!

    yay for your dad, too.

  • At 7:40 PM, Blogger Sharla said…

    Hey! I added a map to my family website. Go pin yerself!


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