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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Sunday, February 05, 2006

With God, ALL Things Are Possible

Saturday afternoon I had the most amazing most glorious conversation with my mother on the phone. I don't even know where to begin.

My dad wants to start going back to church. He was baptized many years ago (I swore it was my brothers I witnessed, but no, it was his. Sweet!). Dad was always a sporatic church goer if I remember correctly. His church was going to the swapmeet on Saturday and/or Sunday morning. Mom would go with him occassionally.

There was a church in Hamilton, Montana that we attended when we lived in Corvallis. Dad liked he pastor and played golf with him occasionally. The other churches he visited after moving back to California just didnt seem to meet his needs.

They started going to a different chuch not too long ago after movign once again. Mom told me on the phone that he and the pastor are going to get together sometime. I became excited. Well, they went to the swapmeet together on Saturday. Passing by some books, my dad noticed two and asks mom to buy them, that he would like to read through them. One of the titles..."The Power of Praying Together." I started to weep with joy, and by this time I have to hold my right hand with my left as to not drop the phone, but not after I picked my bottom jaw up off my lap.

I have prayed for mom and dad on occasion, For weeks I have felt the Spirits nudging to be praying for them on a mpore regular basis but just hzavent known what to pray for. I expressed this to God one night in my prayers. I had been prayong for them as far as their health lately. Mom has had surgery on a spinal disc and dad just recently had surgery on his shoulder again. But that's as far as it had gone. I briefly mentioned something about where my dad is spiritually. I didn't expect anything this fast. Part of me wanted to say "Gee I wonder how long this phase will last", but quickly stopped myself adn just believed God could do something this time 'round. Not too long after adn i felt the Spirit inside me"Even when all seemed lost, I ws still working".
So if I looked a little more animated in my worship this morning, you now know why.

With God, ALL things are possible

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