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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Breakaway ---- Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Campus pastor to UM Bozeman, Dick Schroeder has a seminar on the Holy Spirit every year. This is my third time I have heard him speak on this topic. Only having the experience five years ago, I still feel new to the experience.

I was surprised to learn that he prays in tongues sometimes hours a day. I was put at ease when a comment he made cleared my understanding of John 3:5
Baptism in the Holy Spirit is not a pre-requisite to getting into Heaven.

I was only able to sit through the last half of the meeting as a few of us went to play "Ballistic Bingo". Curtis Cole XA pastor in Dillon, Mt was the emcee for the afternoon, while somone else was the caller. The idea behind "Ballistic bingo" was that we played Bingo a number of different ways, The Ballistic part happened when we played a game using everyones card. When a number on a card was called, we would place a marker on it if we had it. Then, walk a step or two to the bingo card next to us and do the same thing, thus moving around the room in a snake-like fashion. I never won a game, but came close to winning twice. The young gal sitting next to me won a prize, a 3-pack of crazy straws, which she shared with two of us at the table.
Talk about getting ones excercise. I slept good that night.

When I returned to the room as we still had some free time left before dinner, my two roomies, Susie (From a Joyful Heart) and another young lady who joined our group in September, Tina were watching the Olympic sport of curling. I got a kick out of it, mostly watching the sweepers frantically sweep with a pushbroom the path of the watcha-macallit speeding down the ice. At one point I had to get a picture of Susie crawling across my bed (she was trying to avoid hitting my wheelchair). Which made me laugh even harder.

After that was over, it was off to bed.



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