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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Winter Advance, Day 1

February 17, 2006

The first night I didn't get much out of the speakers message, but worship was amazing (as it was ALL weekend). His message on salvation made me think the entire weekend was going to be a "been there, heard that, know it already" experience. I was a bit surprised.

Our speaker used 1 Peter 1:1 - 16 all week, but only went to verse 12 today, preaching a message on salvation - what I thought was a great way to start a retreat, with anticipation of what God was going to do. He even gave an altar call at the begginning of his message, of which I thouight "hmmm, different". I thought it pretty was cool.

One comment he made tonight struck me. He said that "Our #1 sin...we are selfish!"
I could whole-heartedly agree with that statement, thinking back on my own life and what I wanted out of it. I had a "ME!" mentality. I wanted a job that made me a lot of money, so I majored in Business Management when I got to college. I wanted to live on a large piece of property where I had horses, dogs, cats,you name it. I wanted to be out on or near a river. At one point I didn't care if the person I married was a follower of Christ or not. (makes me shudder today!) I wanted my own way, wanted to do things my way, and wanted things done my way.

Then, in the Fall of 2001, God bathed me with His Spirit, when I thought my world was spinning out of control, and my dreams beyond my grasp.

The first night of this conference I thought was going to set the stage for what else to expect the rest of the weekend. I was preparing myself for boredom. God was preparing for something far different.



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