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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jeremy Camp with Special Guest Goofyfooted

Jeremy Camp Live in ConcertTuesday, August 8, 2006 7:30 p.m.Opening with local spirit rock group Goofyfooted Sponsored by: The Garden of Read'n & SHEC (South Hills Evangelical Church)

The concert was held at the Grandstands of the Western Montana Fairgrounds at seven thirty, and lasted three hours. At first I wasn't sure what seating would be like, wether we were sitting in the grandstands (of which I can hardly see a thing because of a chain link fence that hinders a perfect view of the action on the other side). It turned out to be perfect seating, not quite front row (which my ears thanked me as it was loud from where I sat) but a perfect enough view where I could see both musicians just fine. Of course this was after I had to move because everyone stood where I was seated, so I and my friend Christy Mangals sat at the edge of the crowd. It was great as the ushers brough a chair for her and another woman who was with someone in a wheelchair.

I was a big fan of Jeremy Camp before the concert ( I am attracted to his voice wa-a-a-y more than his looks, although he is not bad looking. Actually better looking in person than his CD cover pics. ) After all I have two or three of his CD's. After the concert experience, I am an even bigger fan than what I was before. It was the way he interacted with the crowd, and shared from his heart things that God was doing, even encouraging the audience with words from scripture. He even invited a young man up on stage with him for a playful wrestling match.

I think what attracts me to his music is the fact that a great majority of his songs seem to be prayer-like. Almost a longing for God to make him better. I had my hands raised to Heaven through most of songs.
Afterward, I went to the souvenir table and bought two CD's and a t-shirt (of which I am wearing today) , both of Goofyfooted. I have two CD's of Jeremy Camp already.

Definately well worth the fifteen bucks it cost for admission.

Goofyfooted is a term originated as a surfing expression & found its way to
skateboarding, snowboarding, wake-boarding, and all board-sports. The term
refers to a rider's foot position. There are two basic foot positions: “regular”
in which the left foot is forward; or “goofy” in which the right foot is
forward, all relative to the front of the board. While the vast majority of
riders position "regular," a few go against the grain and go goofyfooted! In the end, Jesus rode his board nailed goofyfooted to a cross giving us freedom to ride for eternity. Having a relationship with Jesus means going against the flow of the world. so choose the best ride you'll ever experience in this life and
the next... go goofyfooted!



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