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Monday, September 11, 2006

Remember When

"Where were you when the world stopped turning, that September day?"

~ Alan Jackson

I awoke the morning of September 11, 2001 to what I thought was a radio drama. I had no idea until I arrrived at the University campus that it was all real. In one of my classes that day we were dismissed. In my second one, Psychology of Management and Supervision with professor Brian Larson, however, we sat and talked about the events that were unfolding before us. He had a t.v. in his classroom and it was there that we saw live coverage of the second tower being hit by a second plane. I sat in my seat watching in disbelief, weeping and silently praying for the victims on the planes and their families. When we were dismissed, some of us stayed a few extra minutes to watch, while others filed out. I left the COT campus and headed back to the University Center wher a t.v. was set up near a bunch of tables. At the noon hour that day, there was to be a rememberance for the hundreds of people whom lost their lives. Our University President was to speak, and then we had a moment of silence. That night as I lay in bed, I said a prayer for victims and their families.

Since then, I have prayed for friends and family whom I kmow that are in the military. i have gone online to join the Presidential Prayer Team and another site tha lets you adopt a military serviceman/woman to pray for.

Family and friends have become more important to me since that day.

September 11 - www.foxnews.com
Video Replay of Entire FOX News Coverage of September 11, 2001.



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