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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Thursday, October 05, 2006

2nd Annual XA Daughters Retreat

Oh my gosh, what a weekend!

I spent this past weekend with a group of amazing ladies at our second annual Daughter's Retreat, put on by none other than (and believe me there is none like her) Krysty, Chi Alpha staffer and fellow Girl's House resident.

I had to miss out on most of the retreat last year (stupid WPA exam! See also Death to the WPA). I went to the first night and came home with three pages of notes, front and back. What I remember most was being touched by the worship. If and when I find the notes to that weekend, I will update this post.

Two words resonated within me this weekend;patience and confidence. I felt as though the Lord was telling me once again that I needed to be patient with Him when it comes to fulfilling my dreams, and to be more confident in seeing them fulfilled.

During one of our freetime sessions, I looked up the verses on confidence. The one that stuck out to me was Psalm 118:8 - "It is better to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in man." The past few weeks have been crazy, so I still have yet to look up patience.

Friday night, the first night of the retreat, all of us girls (including the speaker) gave ourselves facials and ate chocolate. Closing out the retreat, Saturday night we had a "game" of sorts. Each one of us were to describe somone we don't know very well. "This person has this qualikty about her (naming as many as we wanted)...and she is (name person). Then it was that person.s turn to do the same until everyone had encouraged another. I described Faith, Faith described Suzy and Susie described me. Throughout the game, I triied to figure out who each person was describing. I was right on with most of them.

Was I called to singleness? Why give me the desire and not fulfill it? God may have other plans. At one point in our evening service we paired up and prayed for one another. J Thorn prayed for me and I for her. Something in her prayer made me realize, it's still a reality. Later on in the evening our speaker saind something that made my heart skip a few beats and me catch my breath. "I was created to be a bride. Trust God in the waiting. Allow the man to find you." See post from yesterday - "What's the Rush?"

see pics from this trip here.



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