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Sunday, October 08, 2006

First Friday

So I went gallery hopping last night with a group of friends from Chi Alpha. Friday nights, the city of Missoula (and I have heard others too) puts on "First Friday" The first friday of every month all the art galleries in downtown Missoula stay open late. Some serve refreshments, and everything is free. I was actually having fun.

When it comes to art...I just don't get some peoples ideas. I would be a horrible art critic. Or a good one, I dunno. Like one piece, just a skinny block of misshapen metal. There was another piece that cracked me up. Some sort of animal covered in ladies pumps (sorry about the picture quality, hands were shaky). My first thought was "Holy shoes Batman!"There was a jacket made of pure beeswax, interesting. By far my favorite piece was an oil painting of a man riding a race horse. the interesting thing about the painting though, the wheels were painted on the horses middle so it looked like the man was sitting in the wheelchiar on the horse. Check it out here. Okay, so is the man in his wheelchair pretending/daydreaming he is on a horse? This painting brings me back to the days I used to ride, dang do I miss it. There is something about getting out of my wheelchair and on the back of a horse...I'm free.
We went to a coffee shop called The Raven. I remember going to The Raven after our Chi Alpha meetings which were then on Wednesdays and we were called University christian Fellowship. I haven't been to the raven in so-o-o- lo-o-ong. Just before we arrived at the coffeeshop, I saw a bright yellow sign on a telephone pole announcing an auction for Raven memorabilia. The Raven is closing :'(. I remember going there after Chi Alpha.or after church and hanging out playing games or playing pool with a nice hot cup of chai tea.

So wehen I finally retired for the night, I crashed, and hard. I guess I should havbe brought Alehe after all. Oops, my bad.



  • At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Matt said…

    cool pictures. It was a fun time.

    I knew that Chi Alpha used to be called UCF at one time or another, but I never knew it was on wednesday nights...


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