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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not Again

A few weeks ago (might have been months now, I can't remember) my mother had informed me that my dad's cousin was diagnosed as having stage four bone cancer. by the time they found it, it was already throughout his body and there was nothing they could do. They gave him at least three months to live. After some time, they sent him back to Hawaii where he and his family live.

I guess they brought him back to California for tests and treatment 'cause he spent time at mom and dad's. he did nothing but lay on the couch. Too tired and depressed to do anything.
I sent an email of encouragement to his addy, and prayed...daily, believing on God for a miracle if God so desired.

I just received this email, after I got off the phone with mom telling me he had passed. She was a few days late because it never seemed like the right time to tell me. Here's the e-mail.

Dear Friends and Family,

On Friday, December 15th, Kent left this world to move on to eternal life. We wanted all of you to know that your love, prayers, emails, calls and support really made a difference to us during this difficult time. Kent loved hearing from all of you and loved the fact that he was receiving prayers from all over this world. From the time Kent was told that he had cancer, he said he either wanted a miracle or wanted it to go fast. He was gifted with both! We all know how fast his journey was, but many of you may not know that he experienced almost no pain during his illness. This is very significant because we could feel the bone tumors in his arm and on his ribs and they were most definitely growing. The doctors told us that bone cancer was one of the most painful cancers and prescribed strong pain medicine, but he almost never used it. After returning to Hawaii on Thanksgiving, Kent remained at our house and was surrounded by family and friends. Each day, I would read him his cards and emails and play any phone messages. It meant a lot to him!

About two weeks ago, Kent stopped praying for his health miracle. He said that he was looking forward to joining our Heavenly Father. He said he’d had a very blessed life and was ready to go if it was God’s will. He died peacefully with his parents and the kids and I close by.

His burial wish is to be cremated and have the ashes scattered on the water off of Diamond Head. Ryan is on a Coast Guard Ice Cutter right now that is headed to Antarctica. It was very important to Kent that Ryan be present. We will be honoring his wishes next spring, but will also have a “Celebration of Life” for Kent this coming week. I have attached details for those of you that are local and would like to attend.

Thank you again for all of your love and support! You are all WONDERFUL!!! Lisa

I sent an e-mail of condolences to Lisa and the kids

Lisa and kids,
I received a phonecall from my mother today telling me about Kent's passing. It was just as when gramma died, the phone rang and when I heard mom on the other end, I hoped it wasnt what she had to tell me. I couldnt cry right them as I was in a bit of a state of shock. Why, I don't know. I guess this all seemed to happen so fast.... I was on my way into my bathroom after I hung up, and thats when the tears began to flow.
I remember a Christmas your family spent at our house one year, where I cant remember, might have been Teton Pass or Alpine. I believe it was Robyn as a baby (correct me if I am wrong) either Kent or Lisa was holding her and she (Robyn) wsas dressed in a Santa suit.
My favorite memory was of our Family Reunion in Colorado. The way he made sure I was able to do the activities, and making sure I was having a great time (oh boy was I!)
the one thing I regret not doing before he passed..
A while ago he sent me an invite to talk with him over the internet, a program I could download and talk with him using a microphone. A few weeks prior I had busted it while trying to get it off of the shelf in my closet. I still have yet to get a new one. :( Now, with Kent's passing, it pains me even more that I never got around to it.

I so wish I could be there next week for the memorial service, my thoughts and prayers will be with you on that day and time.

Much love,



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