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Friday, March 16, 2007

Fort Courage - Finished my first week

So I called Alehe's trainer at CCI and talked to her about what to do. One of the options was to put Alehe in another room, however, there wasnt a room available for that. It was up to me if I wanted to leave her at home or not. I seriously thought CCI would frown upon my leaving her, since it meant she wouldnt be doing much for me. I feel bad the she doesn't do much now that I am done with school, and I was excited about taking her to work with me. But her trainer was fuill of ideas to keep Alehe entertained while I was gone. I decided to give it a try.
The morning of my first day of work, I gathered together a few of Alehe's toys that I could find. One of the ideas her trainer gave was to fill her kong with peanut butter, this way she would be busy for quite some time. My aide even suggested a toy that spills out treats but that Alehe would have to work at to get to them.
For the time being, I just left various toys scatterd throughout the house for her to easily find. This seemed to be okay. My aide came to get me from work that afternoon and low and behold, Alehe was in the van. I got in the van and was smothered with dog kisses. My aide said that after I left she stayed and played with Alehe a few minutes to get her mind off off my being away. Alehe did great.
The rest of the evening I was home, Alehe was extremely clingy.

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