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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Royal Lipizzaner Stallions

Another classic moment of "One forgets her camera". I didn't forget it really, but thought that they wouldn't allow flash photography. They didn't allow video cameras or other recording devices. We were to take all the pictures we wanted. RATS!
Learn all about them here It was hard to understand most of what the man was saying abotu the horses, but I still enjoyed myself, and a few things I remembered even from ten years ago when i first saw it.

The horses mostly performed to clasical music. My favorite thing they did was called "Aiurs Above the Ground". Basically jumping up and kicking front and back feet out, ahh it looks better in person than I can explain. Some of the stuff they do with riders on their backs actually looks fun while others, yikes. I'd be holding my breath praying not to fall off. My second favorite maneuver was at the end of the show when a horse took a bow, several times.

Next time they are in town, for those of you who love horses, it is a must see.



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