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Saturday, May 03, 2008

New Computer

So my poor desktop was really ill, so says one of the members of the G33Ksquad @ Bestbuy. I've known that for a while now. My dilemma - was it cheaper to break down and get it fixed, or to just use my tax refund toward the purchase of a new one.

I loooked online @ Costco and couldn't find anything within my price range. All of them were at least, if not more than $1000. I wish I were made of money, and not dependent upon public assistance. Surprisingly enough, I really thought Costco would be the cheaper of the two. I was wrong. Costco was the more expensive. I was also looking for something at least 17 inch, to accomodate for less than perfect eyesight.

SO, I looked online at Best Buy. And whoa! I had my work cut out for me. They had many brandnames, and A LOT within what I was willing to spend ( oh yeah, mom and dad were splitting the cost). I saw a few computers of different colors. That would have been ccool, but still too much for this meager pocketbook. Halfway through looking, I notice on the side that I could have typed in exactly what I was looking for. But at least doing it this way I could see what was available. I set up a wish list, that way I could come back to potential computers and compare. After deleting so many from the wish list (there was a reason I did it that way, narrow them down) I finally prayed...Lo and Behold! The next one that came up had everything I wanted and a little more at a price I could afford (now where have I heard THAT before. Hmm, sounds like a commercial on t.v.).

Good grief, this things a monster! A lot bigger than the advertisement made it out to be. But it's cool. I spent a few days just becoming familiar with the thing. Then, I reveived a phonecall from the G33kSquad, and they were here within two or three days to help me with set up. I mostly needed help with set up of the internet, since all or most of what I wanted to do required it, loading programs and such.

I am so excited to get my music ripped so that I can put it ALL on my iPod. I started to load it onto my desktop and managed to back up into the cd/dvd drive with my wheelchair. Real smooth, I know. One doesnt really realize how much music one has until she rips it to her computer ( I can bun now too. So I have been sitting here for the past two days doing just that...ripping. Most CD's I havent played in months, and I forgot how good they were.

The greatest part of having a laptop for me is the fact that I can get my feet up when I need to. Shoot, I spent way too much time on the computer as it is. Any of you webcam-ers out there, I can now do video with online conversations. I may have to try out this skype thing to.

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