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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Saturday, January 05, 2008

XA Devo

So this post is extremely late. So many things to do...so little time.

XA 20 ‘til - My Journey Thru College
For weeks I have been thinking of what to share.
Feeling like I should somehow relate it to college
“What can I encourage students with? Especially now that I am no longer a student.
Relying on God to give me the words His saying “wait “
Forgot about it for a week
Megan calls me -”Oh Crap!”
Just like me doing things the night before their due! (some things never change!!!).
2 hours working on a topic-I thought I had it…three times
Boy has this been a lesson in and of itself.
(Okay God, you said wait…and now look where its got me!”)
Finally go excited at this idea - Thank You Jesus!
I think I now know why I had a headache for a week (I laughed when the thought occurred to me) God is good.

Show of hands - first year, last year
11 years and two degrees later!

Charles Kingsley - Have thy tools ready, God will find thee work

A quote I have on my mouse pad. This quote both got me through college, and is getting me through the finding of a job

My journey thru college and now trying to find a job
“Your not cut out for college” VR and DSS
Discouraged from attending UM
Major in Business Management with a minor in Music
Changing majors God knows how many times!
Pulling out for almost two years for health reasons.

All things work together - Romans 8:28
I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord - Jeremiah 29:11
Coming home from a retreat - God “Don’t be afraid to dream”

Facing discouragement
Excuses - not enough experience
kids allergic to dogs or afraid of dogs

FORT COURAGE experience.
God - tell me what you desire in a job. See what I can do”.

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