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Monday, September 29, 2008

Missoula Boys and Girls Club

I started volunteering at the Missoula Boys and Girls Club a few weeks ago. They have an after school program from 330 to 530 and so far I am there two days a week, on Mondays and Fridays. Friday afternoons I learned were strictly movie days, and so after spending a Friday there, one of the other workers there said that I was okay to change days if I wanted. Since the days I picked were occassionaly gym days, I decided I'd swich at least one of those days. I might swing in on a Friday here and there. Who knows.
I have a packet of infornmation about the boys and girls club as well as a wide variety of activities to do with teh children. i don't know of what purpose that serves at this moment because we don't seem to be using any of it. Right now its just doing homework if they want to and then playing on the playground.
Feels more like glorified babysitting. However, on occassion I do read a book with a younger child, and they do enjoy having Alehe in the room. Why, one day a middleschool girl gkot a kick out of Alehe giving them "high five"'s (a modified version of the command , "shake".

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