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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MY GOD IS........ (A Thanksgiving Reflection)

reading 'Satisfy My Thirsty Soul'
one of the excercises ~ making a list of the attributes of God from A to Z.
Some letters are easier than others, some take no time to list, some I can only think of one word, others.....wow. Takes some time (after half an hour my brain was fried, and yet after I laid it aside and did other things, words still came to mind....faster than I could write them down!)ere it is, even weeks after I started my list and as I type this, words are coming to mind. I thought I would post it here, as it seemed somehow fitting for Thanksgiving.
(Some letters were more difficult than others)

MY GOD IS........
Awesome, my All In All, Amazing, Annointed One, Adored, Adonai, Abba, Anchor, Ancient of Days, Alpha, Able,
Beautiful,Beginning and End, Blessed, Beloved, Brilliant, Breath
Christ, Creator, Coming, Caring, Chosen, Compassionate, Captivating, Conqueror, Comforting, Counselor,
Deliverer, my Delight, Destiny, Defender Divine,
Eternal, Excellent, Everlasting, Ever-Present,Emmanuel(God with us),
Father, Forever, Faithful, Forgiving, Friend, Freedom, First and the Last, Fabulous, Fantastic,
God, Great, Glorious, Giver, Good, Grace,
Helper, Healer, Holy, High-and-exalted, Holy, Hosannah,
Immeasurable, Infallible, Immutable, Impartial, Infinite, Incomprehensible,
Just, Joy, Jealous, Jehovah,
King, Kinsman Redeemer, Kind,
Lord, Lover, Listener, Leader, Laughter, Life,
Master, Maker, Messiah, Mentor, Mercy, Mighty, Motivator, Messenger,
Omniscient, Omnipresent, Overwhelming, On-time,
Present, Patient, Papa, Passionate, Pure, Prince of Peace, Powerful, Pursuer,
Rescue, Radiant, Redeemer,
Savior, Sovereign, Sweet, Searcher of Hearts, Sufficient,
Truth, Trust, Timely, Transcendant of time and space, Tremendous,
Understanding, Unfathomable, Unchanging,
Wreckless love, Wellspring of life, Wonderful, Worthy,

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