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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rock and Worship Roadshow 2012

The Rock & Worship Roadshow! I've heard of these advertised on the Christian radio station I listen to (89.7 KSGN out of the Los Angeles area) and wondered what it would be like to attend one. I heard they were coming to San Diego. Now who can I talk into going with me? Heh-heh. I cannot remember if it was I that mentioned it first or my cousin. I looked up the info online. Tickets were ten bucks, whoo-hoo!!! We're going. Oh, but I worried about seating ......and my poor ears.
We arrived an hour or so early to get good seats. The wheelchair seating was actually rather good! =D Perfect view of the stage, not to close but not too far away (okay, it could have been a bit closer what with my poor distance vision, but I was plenty happy with where we sat =) I wore my 'RA' t-shirt and at least two people asked about it =D I did not even think about taking any pictures. RATS!

Moriah Peters
'I Choose Jesus", what a beautiful song! I cannot wait to hear more of her on the radio. I wish I could remember the other songs she played. She was the first to open the show and did an excellent job. I wasn't ready for her to get off of the stage!

Sidewalk Prophets ~ I am soooo totally a new fan! I loved every song that they sang. Each song seemed to be my hearts cry.
Love Me Anyway
Live Like That
Words I Would Say
You Can Have Me

Hawk Nelson
A few moments after he walked out on stage and the first thing to pop into my head was that he looked like Justin Beiber's twin. I couldn't belive my cousin actually said it out loud! I tried hard not to laugh, somewhat failing.(I'm even cracking up as I'm trying to type this).
Something immediately turned me off to him. Oh sure, his music was too loud for me to understand a single word, but it was the fact that he had "HAWK" in BIG capital letters sitting on the stage, flashing in white lights. Now I could see that at a secular concert, but at a Christian venue I would have rathered 'Jesus' up in flashing lights. After all, in't it His name we are lifting up?

I could not understand a word of what they sang. Their music was too loud, EVEN with earlplugs. I thought they were just okay, but my cousing L<3ved them. Seeing her rock out made me smile, so I enjoyed them to a certain extent because of it. Miles McPhereson What the heck? He only spoke for five minutes. Oh sure, just when I was getting into it too! haha
If Jesus is really the man, you need to trust Him. Let Go.
(analogy of holding onto a rope over water)

This message had me squirming at some points. I went home and later looked up more of him online.

I should have known. The two artists I didnt care for, my cousin loved. I was happy. Lecrae wasnt my fave, but I did enjoy them somewhat. Actually, their song 'Background' sort of had me thinking.
Luke 12:15-21
I dont want to waste my life ~ I had a hard time keeping up with this song, they sung it so fast, haha! But it was a great message, considering the struggle I feel I am facing with where God wants me.
"You cant celebrate the gifts without celebrating the Giver"

Rend Collective Experiment
I am totally a new fan! Just as Richard Andrew dropped the 'Experiment' shortly after I met him, I now believe RCE needs to do the same.
My favorite song I heard from them tonight was.....oh,... shoot,.... I couldn't decide!
Worship on Iphone ~ that was kind of cool!
You Are My Vision
Build Your Kingdom Here
Praise Like Fireworks

Mercy Me
I was exctatic to see MErcy Me in concert again. I think this woudl be the fourth or fifth time I had seen them. But by the time Mercy Me went up on stage to sing, I was ready to go home. I was sooooo looking rorward to hearing them too! I am hoping it was the fact that I was tired, but I normally really enjoy their music. I mean, I DO have four of their CD's! Their very last song was the best I thought, and it was their song 'Move'. They actually choreographed a dance on stage while playing their instruments. I was laughing.
I did not buy any music that night, but after hearing Rend Collective, really wished I had.

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