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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CH. 3: Taking the Lead

...it is the Spirit who is the director of all Christian work.
there needs to be a greater consciousness of the Holy Spirit and His work in believers
This fullness is not only to do with the emotions and inner work in our spiritual life, it is also to do with the quiet reality of how we live our lives from day to day, and with the making of plans and development of strategy in our Christian work
A constant daily filling but not a restless search for new 'experiences'.
Many people feel they need a fresh touch in their lives, and they go from conference to conference seeking something new.
God may be calling you to 'rise and build' (Neh. 2:18)
Some important balances:
time alone and time with others
time with family and time with non-family
between work and rest
between work and play
prayer and bible study
witnessing to non-believers and helping believers
What He (God) is today we shall find Him tomorrow, and the next day and next year.
He is quick to mark every simple effort to please Him
We please Him most ...by throwing ourselves into His arms with all our imperfections and believing He understands everything and loves us still.
Different character types are needed for leadership because different types of leaders are needed
As leaders we should be: people of prayer, encourager's of people, a reader (God's Word as well as Christian books).

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