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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Skeet/Trap shooting

    About a year ago, my family and I attended an event called, "Babes n' Buck shots".  My father is involved in a "Shooters" club with a good friend of his, and one night the men of the group put on an event for their ladies; hence the name, "Babes N' Buck shots".  I found out, scarily enough, (haha!), that I love to shoot a gun.  What a stress reliever! At the end of the night one of the gentleman had talked to us (mom and I) about coming to the gun range and learning how to skeet/trap shoot. It was one thing after another, and kept getting put off; weather, health, other obligations kept getting in the way). Today, smoke was in the air due to local fires around the valley and beyond. We didn't let it deter us from a date with a clay birdie and a gun.  

     It hit the first four targets, WAHOO! (As my back/arms got tired from holding the gun, I gradually became worse at shooting)   The instructor said to me that not many can do that.  The gun was a bit heavy, and my back wasn't very strong due to my scoliosis and sitting in a wheelchair, but what arms strength I had helped.  And I had FUN!!! It's not so much vision that was a factor , but timing, and with practice I KNOW that will improve.  In fact, I am seriously considering taking lessons from him once a week or so and investing in equipment so that I can do this at home or out camping.  The gun can be modified a bit with my short stature. I found it difficult to lean my head into it so that I might better aim for the target. With a shorter "butt"  (the part that rests in your shoulder  when you shoot) I wouldn't have so much trouble reaching nor holding it up

Is it really bad that I reeeeally enjoy shooting something....whether it's a pistol, bow and arrow, or shotgun?   HAHAHAHA!!!  (Evil grin)  I scare myself sometimes =D


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