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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Thursday, November 13, 2008

4-Being a Missions Mobiliser

A Christian who not only wants to get involved in evangelism and missions work, but who wants to get other people involved as well
Marketplace ministry - very ordinary jobs
If your hearts cry is for the whole world, if you can't seem to hear God directing you to go to one specific people or area, if you are gifted naturally and spiritually in communicating and encouraging, perhaps your strategic miche is that of mobiliser. You can encourage, exhort, prod, lure, handhold, cajole, and pray whole churches into a sharper vision of their part in God's global purpose.
If the pursuit of God's glory is not above the pursuit of man's good, in the affections of the heart and the priorities of the church, then man will not be well served and God will not be duly honored.
Missions mobilisation...starts on our knees
...as Christians, often our goals and aims are too low.
What we need are a combination of tasks that are both possible and impossible
We want to be filled with faith, but we want to be realistic.
(Lord, take hold of and stretch my imagination!)
Ownership of World Missions - improve our knowledge of them. We can do this by reading, watching videos, and listening to audio cassettes
Can you imagine the Apostle Paul, having a mobile phone, or a computer at his fingertips? God has given these things as tools.
Adopt a People Movement
...short-term work...You don't have to have a special call for this
God leads different people in different ways
disappointment...God's appointment
We have to stand against the fiery dart of discouragement.
Be aware of the subtleties of putting yourself down in an unbiblical way
the point of mobilisation? To release millions of hours of prayer and finances and workers into the harvest force.

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