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Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Trip to Seattle

Wow am I ever behind on posts lately. A lot has been happening and I guess my mind is a bit frazzled! Here's a partial update. More posts to come.

The primary reason we were in Seattle a while back was so that I could get a second opinion on some medical issues I have been dealing with for years, but have grown considerably worse in the past few months. It turned out to be a great thing seeing a specialist, and a bit emotional for some of us (mom). I was amused at the very beginning as we waited in a room after a medical test and the first words out of her mouth when she opened the door were, "Your (certain part of the human anatomy)'s crap. I have never had a docotr put it so bluntly before, I had to laugh.
Mom and I are extremely glad we went although now comes the hardest part, deciding if I want to do surgery or not. Physially, I am not in any danger if I decide to do nothing. but the surgery that would be done (as the test ruled out a few other options)is rather involved. The final outcome would be awesome for me, but the thought of going through surgery again.... :P (sticking tongue out)
Meanwhile, I am thinking.....and praying!

So after the appointment, I had a couple of extra days - to have fun! Mom and I ate at the Cheesecake Factory one night for dinner. The dinner was AWESOME! (I can't even remember what I had now, dangit!) Another nights dinner my brother took us to a restaraunt where they served 'Pho", pronounced 'Fuh'. Ohhhhhh was that ever gooooooooood! My tastebuds were doing the happy dance! Of course I ate way more than my stomach thought it could handle.

One afternoon we went on the 'Duck Tours' in Seattle. The 'Ducks' were hybrid vehicles (front end jeep, back end boat) that go on water AND land. It was neat to see where the t.v. show 'Cheers' was filmed. We also saw where they filmed "Sleepless in Seattle". The whole time we were on the tour the captain played themed music while giving the tour. It was great!

My brother attends Mars Hill church near his home. I had been there a few times when visiting and we went again this trip. The worship is simmiliar to CLC's worship. The pastor is great! He was preaching a series on Trial: 8 Witnesses from 1st and 2nd Peter. There was even a study guide. It was the first week of this new series and it really hit home for me. The stage was even made to look like the inside of a detectives office.

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