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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Monday, December 01, 2008

CH 6: A Closed Door or an Open Opportunity

When my dad sold his truck, I assumed this so called gift of doing Rally's was over...."Maybe there is something else God wants me to do."
Now it seemed that part of my life was done...or was it?

I beame a star for Jesus, even with only one line. I believed I was a star because I believed God allowed me to land that part and I did it!

Dreamt of going to Hollywood
Pastor shuts it down - "God did not call you to Hollywood"
Throws that dream in the trash
Pastor also pulls him from Youth Ministry
Believes pastor that God had not called him.

.....but we were wrong. God had other plans.

(could God be allowing my dreams to die, only to raise them up at a"better" time?)

"... I feel this desire burning inside me again". (after switching churches)

Pastor - "I believe that within thirty days a door is going to open up for you in Hollywood".

Together we believed God was able to do anythign He promised us because we belonged to Him.

God - "...if I have called you, no one can uncall you. I fI gave you that word, that word is going to stick." "I am the God who is able to open every door."

"God, if this is from You, only You can open up this door!"

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