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Friday, November 28, 2008

Book: A Latino and God, by Rick Reyna

I heard Rick Reyna speak at a 'Rally for Jesus' that a friend put together one evening a few weeks ago. A couple of singers were there too that I had never heeard of before, but that were good, especially Richard Andrew Experiment. In fact, I hadnt really expected to come home with muh, maybe one CD of hte artist I most liked, or a book by the speaker. Two of the artists gave me their CD's RAE included. I only had to pay for the book. RAE had a few CD's out and so I contemplated which one to get. But was given them both. I fully would have paid for them.
Funny, but partway through the concert and it was RAE that said something toward me. ( I was moving to the music and not even realized it. I have listened to their CD every day, even added them on Myspace, of whith the lead singer has replied a few times. We even chatted a bit after the concert (He and Alehe hit it off real well).

CH: 1 No Mister Rogers Neighborhood

The only things I saw were the limitations that were on their lives, holdiing them back from any potential good things. Their exuses usually hinged on the fact that they were Mexican.

Even friends told me to go ahead and dream about living the good life, but that's all it would ever be...a dream.

I could have agreed with the people who told me I was never going to amount to anything or do anything significant because I was Mexican....lived with a 'victim' mentality and a chip on my shoulder. But something in me would not let me do that. Deep down in my heart I knew there had to be something better out there for me....pulling at me, causing me to see myself headed in a different diretion and a better place.

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