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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Daniel 6
How to Navigate Life

So far...
Daniel was displaced out of his family, his country and his religious system
wicked education system yet he excelled
under king Nebuchanezzar
65 years under three kings
approx 81 yrs

King threw Daniel in the lions den
God shut the mouths of the lions
Daniels accusers were thrown in the lions den when he was released, they devoured them before they hit the ground
I wanna make it out of the lions den, how do I do that?
It doesn't happen overnight
God builds and directs
Each one of us has potential and promise that God has placed in us
through preparation (life) God brings that potential and promise out
If we want to make it out of the lions den we have to develop Godly habits
God has given each one of us a measure of faith, talent (Rom 12)
Dan 6:1-4
*(Daniel posessed an extraordinary spirit,and so the king planned to appoint him over the entire kingdom)
Daniel, excelling at what was placed in front of Him
key to life - God, what is this thing You have placed in front of me that I can live for?, how you've wired me, my interests, what has affected me,
I can live for God
Our strength often increases in proportion to the obstacles imposed upon it
Daniel had some obstacles he was facingwe have obstacles we are facing - that is how we become stronger
We want out of the lions den, but do we want to do the things which
take us through the lions den?

How to Face Opposition
1. Go to God (first response)
2. Stay at your task
3. Determine the right response (are there things I need to adjust?)
4. Let your life patterns and character speak for itself
"Your friends don't need an explanation, and your enemies won't take one."

Life's victories are found in Godly patterns.

Christopher Columbus - in his journals, he was not motivated primarily by discovery, but by bringing the Gospel to non-believers.
"We sailed on".

vs. 10,16,20
Faithfulness(Godly patterns we create today our future tomorrow)
we are dismantling our past
Prayer - vs 11
The greatest vitory to the enemy of our lives would be that he would have us be prayerless
Prayer should be the FIRST thing we do, not the LAST.
Petition-kneeling in submission before God saying "I need help in navigating life".
The strongest at of humanity is getting on our knees before God.
Supplication - coming from the position of weakness
Call for protection "here I am Lord, I am pleading for help".
Giving Thanks - (gratefulness) genuine
Be thankful for where your at
DO NOT compare your race, path, position gifts with anyone else's.
Comparison can kill.
vs. 16,19
Develop service to God
The way God wired us is to get His name out to others
Jesus came as a servant, Daniel exampled this
vs. 21,22 - Integrity
"I've done nothing wrong". GOD shut the mouths of the lions
Even if you don't see results, KEEP PRAYING
vs. 23 - Trust in God
(Pastor Hicks and his friends in the play - even when no one shows up inside, they trusted God was doing something outside)
Godly habits will get you out of the lions den
vs. 24
25 - 27

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